With the help of your financial advisor,                                   

CWP Private Wealth Management is here to help you understand investing, portfolio management, retirement & estate planning, and wealth preservation. We take a total household account management (T.H.A.M.) approach, meaning we have the ability to manage all household assets under one roof. This is a comprehensive approach towards investing.


Current  Management  


401k "Group Guy 1" $250,000   401k Advisor/CWP $250,000
403b "Group Guy 2" $250,000   403b Advisor/CWP $250,000
P/S "Group Guy 3" $125,000   P/S Advisor/CWP $125,000
Brokerage Advisor $50,000   Brokerage Advisor/CWP $50,000
IRA Hers Advisor $75,000   IRA Hers Advisor/CWP $75,000
IRA His Advisor $75,000   IRA His Advisor/CWP $75,000
    $825,000       $825,000


Your advisor and CWP Private Wealth Management will:

1. Act in concert vs potentially conflicting advice from several advisors

2. Manage all of your assets as one houshold portfolio

3. Report each month on one easy to read consolidated statement

4. Act as a fiduciary by matching the appropriate risk with your investment and retirement goals

5. Consistently monitor and adjust your portfolio given the current economic environment